The purpose of the project is to control a mobile robot movements that has wireless communication with computer, can be controlled by control program on computer. Program sends commands to mobile robot by server computer serial port (COM1).


Control card has been designed. In this part, RS232 voltage level converter set up on control card. This card provides simplex data transmission from server computer to mobile robot.
Control card is connected to the serial port of the computer. This card provides commands which gets from the serial port forward to remote control card robot with 16F84A. The mobile robot has ability of six different direction movements that are forward, back, right, left, forward&right, forward&left, back&right, back&left with getting the information from the control card.


The control card



The car is controlled by control card


We used MicroCode Studio to program our PIC (16F84A). In our program, we controlled our mobile robot movements. We designed our PIC's Port A as input and Port B as output. Port A' zero's bit receives transmitted data from PC through RS232. With respect to received data PIC's gives response. Port B is connected to remote control card and it controls mobile robot with Port B's output. That remote control card is a card which is in the toy's wireless controlled. There is a hint in here. We must connect the grounds of remote controlled card to control card. Which direction we want the mobile robot to move, we connect it's input to ground. With this algorith we wrote our PIC programme codes.


We control our mobile robot with near control interface. It was designed with Visual Basic 6.0 as an .exe file. It transmitted our command (which direction clicked on) to RS232 (COM1).

Control card is received data from RS232 and PIC gives output with respect to received data.

That output is input of remote control card. With respect to PIC output, it controls mobile robot.

In VB6, we opened new form, added some command buttons and MSComm component. To add MSComm component we clicked right on tolls then we clicked components and selected Microsoft Comm Control 6.0. We wrote codes on form load.

Control interface

Gözde ÖZNAR - 2003502050 Electrical & Electronics Engineering 4th Grade Student

Dilek YALÇIN - 2003502061 Electrical & Electronics Engineering 4th Grade Student

Advisor - Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Özkurt