Remote Control of Robot with Bluetooth

May 19, 2015


The aim of the project is to control a robot, which has a Bluetooth sheet and A DC motor, with an android device via Bluetooth. The robot we practiced for this project has 2 wheels to balance itself and CNY70 optical sensors on it. We used the Bluetooth sheet of the robot to make a communication between the robot and the android device.

Motions (Movements) and Their Values;

Data is sent as:

1 for forward

2 for left

3 to stop

4 for right

5 for back

5 for back

On the other side, the robot takes this data via Bluetooth sheet and sends it to the A DC motor like this:

Transmit Receive
LOW HIGH forward
LOW LOW stop

We send the required data for each motor separately; If the robot must move to the right, then (0, 1) is sent to the right motor and (0, 0) is sent to the left motor. By this way, the motion of the robot is achieved.