Dokuz Eylul University, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Faculty

EEE 445 Microprocessor Systems Lecture Project

Digital Clock with Z80 Microprocessor

Project Manager & Inspectator: Asst.Prof.Dr. Ahmet ÖZKURT



Prepared by

Arman SILAHLI / 2001502049

Vehbi BENLI / 2000502081

Fehmi KARAMANLI / 1999502035




Program Codes

Z80 Microprocessor Circuit Layout

Simple Z80 Microprocessor (Z80 CPU + 8255 PIO + 256 Kb RAM) on Protoboard

Digital Clock Circuit with Z80 Microprocessor on Board

Z80 CPU Simulator Program

Z80 Assembler Language Program : The greatest source about Z80 systems you can find on the net. Z80 CPU, PIO, CTC, clock circuits and schematics, datasheets etc...